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Tony Holohan, chair of NPHET (National Public Health Emergency Team)

By Cathal Spelman,

Dear Taoiseach and members of Dáil Éireann,

We are being completely misled in regards to Covid 19.

The entire basis of the pandemic scare is the PCR test. However, this is not a test for Covid 19. It is specifically not a test for any disease. This was stated categorically and repeatedly by its’ inventor.

Furthermore, the PCR test has 0% accuracy when it is run at anything above 35 cycles. Yet in Ireland, as around the world, the PCR test for Covid 19 is typically run at 40-45 cycles.

In this case, the more testing you do, the more apparent cases of Covid 19 you will get. And this is exactly what is happening today. We are being driven hysterical by growing numbers of cases produced by a 0% accurate test.

Take away the PCR test, and the pandemic of “cases” evaporates.

Some may counter by pointing to the death toll from Covid 19. However, the deaths “with” covid 19 are being treated as if they were deaths “of” covid 19. These are two different things. Deaths “with” covid 19 simply indicate that a person tested positive on the 0% accurate PCR test within 28 days of dying.

Furthermore, the Central Statistics Office figures show an excess of approximately 1000 deaths for April, May and June, when the “official” death toll from covid 19 was at around 1700. And there are other reasons for the extra 1000 deaths. Including the perverse policy of sending sick old people to nursing homes without proper care facilities, while our hospitals stood empty with nurses and doctors making tik tok videos out of boredom.

Furthermore, the 0% accurate PCR test is producing so many “cases” that the mortality rate is that of a mild and not a deadly disease.

Furthermore, the rate of illness and death we are experiencing in January is consistent with every other January. I should not need to remind you that every January we are told daily of the numbers of patients on trollies at hospitals, as a result of the seasonal surge in hospitalisations. Yet this year, in the midst of a “pandemic”, our hospitals are not yet full. That is not consistent with a deadly pandemic that requires the country to be shut down for a year.

Unfortunately, Covid 19 has become a type of religion. There is very little science, in the true sense of the word, meaning verification and testing of hypothesis. Instead we are told to “trust the experts”.

Which brings us closer to the real problem. Dáil Éireann has turned the running of our country over to an unelected and unaccountable body in the form of NPHET (National Public Health Emergency Team). They in turn are doing the bidding of the WHO, who are the agents of Big Pharma corporations.

Regrettably, Ireland has, along with the rest of the world, descended from being a Constitutional Republic with Democratic representation, into a Kleptocracy (rule by theives).

There is no greaterexample of Kleptocracy than the Big Pharma corporations.

All of the big Pharma vaccine producing corporations are convicted felons in the USA. Pfizer, the supplier of the “covid 19 vaccine” to Ireland, is no exception.

In this case, we have allowed a convicted felon to supply us with an improperly tested vaccine. And to make matters as bad as possible, we have given them full indemnity from any consequences for harm caused by the unimproperly tested vaccine.

In order to facilitate the fearmongering that has gone along with this faked pandemic, we have allowed our country to be economically gutted. And it is the indigenous small to medium sized businesses that have suffered the most, while billionaire run mega corporations have thrived and taken over more and more of our economic lives. Another example of Kleptocracy in action.

Ireland is intended to be a constitutional republic with democratic representation. A constitutional republic means that the citizens have inalienable rights. Yet just see how our most fundamental rights of freedom of movement and freedom of association have been taken away at the behest of an unelected medico-pharma panel of tyranny.

Our right to lawfully pursue a livlihood has been similarly frustrated.

Democratic representation has become a sham, with members of Dáil Éireann simply competing to be the most pious practitioners of the new medico-pharma state religion. Where is the debate? Where is the representation of the many many learned medics and scientists who have a different and well founded perspective on the events of 2020? Where is the representation of citizens and taxpayers who will foot the bill for this folly?

To be very clear on what I call for:

1. Immediately end the tyrannical lockdowns. Instead institute voluntary quarantine for those who believe themselves to be at risk.

2. Stop the nonsensical testing of asymptomatic individuals.

3. Allow a voice for reasoned and scientific debate. I would suggest you be addressed by Robert F. Kennedy Junior who has all the necessary expertise in this field.

4. Demand proper testing of vaccines. Inform recipients of the risks. Stop paying for propaganda advertising that the vaccine is safe and effective, that is an outright lie.

6. Withdraw indemnity from the vaccine manufacturers.

7. Make public all cases of vaccine adverse events.

8. Ensure that vaccination is never made a requirement for any service public or private, and that vaccination remains voluntary and never mandated in any way.

9. Facilitate an honest debate on the benefits and risks of vaccination and all medical proceedures. Prohibit media and social media from their current censorship of dissent.

If you would like to send this message, or part of it, or your own message, to your local members of Dáil Éireann, please do so. It is the most potent way that we have to let them know that their is dissent amongst us. You can find all members of Dáil Éireann at


By Cathal Spelman,

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