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EPA Scientists Admit Fluoride Harms the Brain – Fluoride on Trial 2020. Neurotoxin on tap!

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interviews Attorney Michael Connett.

Will this finally bring an end to water fluoridation?

Full Report by Dr. Mercola.

Recent Studies Confirm Harms to Children

The claims made by proponents of fluoridation that there are only “one or two studies” finding harm, or that they are only from areas with naturally high fluoride levels, are no longer relevant.

In reality, the scientific evidence can now be considered overwhelming and undeniable. In fact, the level of evidence that fluoride is neurotoxic now far exceeds the evidence that was in place when lead was banned from gasoline.

“There is little doubt that developmental neurotoxicity is a serious risk associated with elevated fluoride exposure … especially when the exposure occurs during early development.” ~ Dr. Philippe Grandjean

Read Dr. Mercola’s full report.

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