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Gene Code Injection – an experiment on humanity?! | Dr. Carrie Madej

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Dr. Carrie Madej rejoins Kla.TV for a new powerful exposè on the risks of the currently rolled out Covid vaccines. Since the mainstream media doesn’t speak about this and politicians around the world push restrictions on unvaccinated – can we really see dark totalitarian history repeat itself?

Are there ways out of that?

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The Gene Code Injection – an experiment on humanity?! | Interview with Dr. Madej

Dan: Well, we’re here again with Dr. Carrie Madej. Dr. Madej, we’re so grateful to have you back with us at KLA for this interview.

Dr. Madej: Thanks Danny, it’s my pleasure to be back with you.

Dan: Good. Could you start with just a little synopsis or professional bio… to give the viewers a little information about you?

Dr. Madej: Yes, I graduated from medical school in 2001 in Kansas City, Missouri, and I am an internal medicine physician. I’ve owned my own clinics and have been medical director of two different clinics and also an attending physician for medical students for eight years and now I spend my time with public speaking and trying to educate people about vaccines and the current paradigm with Covid-19.

Dan: Well, let’s get right into it. Let’s talk about these vaccines. There has been a rollout and – what are we up to in the States – 10%? 15%? I know that in Israel it’s like 30 or 40 – the question is… before we get into the details, the nitty gritty of the RNA vaccine – I’ve heard from some corners that you can’t even properly call this a vaccine, because the pharmaceuticals have not claimed that this vaccine prevents infection or transmission. And you kind of have to have those two, or one of them in order to claim that it’s a vaccine. What do you say about that?

Dr. Madej: I agree. This is unlike any vaccine that has ever been made before. People should know that a normal vaccine would take the virus, the virus itself, the actual organism, it would be alive or dead – some other toxins in the solution and then that would be injected inside of you. And the idea is, it’s a weakened version of what would make you sick so that your body can learn how to fight it in the future without becoming overwhelmed by it. This time, no. They have never honestly isolated the organism, the organism in its entirety. The CDC has admitted that and five different countries have admitted that. So because they could never isolate that organism in its entirety in the sick patient. They took pieces of the genetic material and then filled in the blanks with a recombinant program or a computer-generated program. So, we’ve got a code that we’re using. So they have to inject a code inside of you. And the code actually is being injected inside the person and the idea is that our bodies are going to be tricked into making part of the virus – not the entire virus, but part of the virus. So this is completely different. We’re not injecting the actual organism, we’re injecting a code into the human and the human body will be tricked into making part of a virus. So instead of blocking you from making the virus we’re encouraging your body to make part of the virus. So, you can… you know, you don’t have to have a science degree to see that there is some danger in this one. And that we have never used this technology before large-scale on the human population. This is the first time we’ve ever done that. And you are so right by saying that there is no data yet to say that this will prevent any transmission. You can still be contagious even after you get the vaccine. There are only two end-points, two things that the drug-manufacturers say, that theses vaccines can do: They say that they could prevent one positive PCR-test as well as one symptom. That’s it. And they say they’re assuming… assuming that it could possibly work for about two months after the second shot. We don’t know, because again, we’re in the middle of a live experiment as we speak.

Dan: And when you speak of… eh… I thought they would at least attack more than one symptom but that’s all they claim is that it can go after one symptom. And I have heard it said that … I mean, weren’t they saying before that … generally speaking … a-symptomatic carriers do not pass it on to someone else. But what this vaccine might do then is if it subdues this symptom then now you will… you might have a-symptomatic carriers. You see the point?

Dr. Madej: You definitely bring up very good points. And these have not been addressed or answered. And these are things we need to talk about and bring up because we are experimenting with all of our lives. And it’s not just: Okay, we got a bad flu vaccine. We won’t do that again, it didn’t work, or it made some of us sick. We’re now talking about genetic modification and even though the drug manufacturers say that it is temporary, they don’t know that because, please remember: We’re in the middle of a live experiment. The first experiment is due to be completed in the end of October of 2022. The second one in 2023. So, you are literally the lab rat, the guinea pig. So, they don’t know, we would have to have years and then look at your genetic code to see if it was permanent or temporary, anew, that’s what a proper research should do. We’re not doing that, we’re assuming: oh, don’t worry it’s temporary. The problem is, we do know by science and how our bodies work, that when you put a code inside the body like that, that there’s a possibility of it becoming taken up into the nucleus – once it’s in there, it could be taken up into our genome, our permanent genetic code and stay there permanently – that is a potential and a possibility, so we have to consider that.

Dan: Ok. Yeah, let’s talk about this code. Can you explain the gene altering aspects of this vaccine and when Moderna says that their mRNA technology is the -quote- “software of life” – what exactly are they talking about?

Dr. Madej: Well, again we are not using a normal way of making a vaccine. We are putting a code inside of you. It’s recombinant: part from nature and part synthetic, synthesized. And so, it’s a genetic code – and what they’re doing is putting an envelope around it with lipid nanoparticles, that’s nano technology. The nano technology is there to ensure it sneaks past your body’s defences because normally your body would kill something like this immediately or disintegrate it. So, it sneaks past the defences into your cell and then tricks your cell into making that code which is literally the spike protein or part of the virus. You’ll be spitting out bits of the virus inside of your body. The idea is that, if your body sees part of the virus it can then gain knowledge in how to fight it in the future. But we don’t know that and think about all of us are so different: some people’s immune systems will put out a lot, some a little, some none – we don’t know. And then we have to look at that code. The code is very concerning because we’ve identified some things in there, that we should all take pause and listen to this.
First of all, there have been 18 sub-units of HIV-1 found within a code, the genetic code. They claim that that will not allow the body to develop HIV or AIDS but we don’t know that. Because in Australia they admitted that people after they got that mRNA-vaccine: some of the people tested positive for HIV. They said it’s a false positive but we won’t know for years, we will not know if that’s truly positive for HIV for many years down the road. They went ahead and dumped one billion dollars of that vaccine in Australia and stopped that. So that means they are concerned.
The other problem is that there is a sequence, a part of the code that is identical to things that are in our body naturally. One of them is chromosome 8. There’s part of a code that is identical to our chromosome 8. Now, anything in a code your body will learn to attack. So it’s learning how to attack your chromosome 8: that’s intelligence and fertility – I think that’s pretty important. We don’t know the long-term effects of that.
The other thing, there’s a protein called Syncytin that it codes for. Well, that happens to be on the human placenta, the woman’s womb placenta. So that means when you start to have a pregnancy, it’s a possibility your body will learn to attack the placenta. So, two hits on our fertility that is a potential. We really have to be careful: we are messing with genes, genetic code right now.

Dan: Yes, speaking of fertility, I saw – months ago – I saw a University at Oklahoma -I believe it was, don’t quote me -study that said that men might consider freezing their sperm before getting this vaccine.

Dr. Madej: Yes, you’re right. Oh, Pfizer says you are not supposed to have unprotected sex for 28 days after your injections. Ok, what happens on the 29th day? They say that’s because there’s a risk of birth defects. They are already admitting this. That means there is something going on with these vaccines, but how do you know the 28th day don’t and then the 29th day ok … we don’t know these things – this is unbelievable!

Dan: This is unbelievable and it’s like you can take one fact out of hundreds that should cancel the whole experiment, just that right there. I mean… what do I tell my daughter, if her university says “Well, you’re going to need the vaccine and then I point out to her the vaccine manufacturer itself says that this could cause birth defects. And we can’t just assume that after 28 days … boom. I mean we’re in crazy-world.

Dr. Madej: I agree with you. I’ve never seen anything this frivolous or careless in medicine before and it’s not like they’re saying that there aren’t risks. They say there are, but they say it’s for the good of the whole because we are in the Emergency Preparedness Act, still. Around the world, most countries are still in an Emergency Act of one… one way or the other. And when they do that, they can bypass all the checks and balances we normally have for drug safeties – in the name of this emergency. So people are expecting that this vaccine is like … they’re like all the other vaccines in the past – they’re not. There’s absolutely nothing there to really say it’s safe and effective because again: the experiment has not ended yet, we are the experiment.

Dan: Yes, yes, it is different. You know, I´m living here in Japan, one year of my daughter’s high school – I sent her to America to do a year abroad – and it happened to be in California where they have a very extreme vaccine schedule for students over there as you probably know. And she had already had all of her vaccines in Japan and I thought ok that’s probably enough for her. So as you can see, she´s got her vaccines, but the vaccine schedule here is way lower. So I went to a local doctor and I asked him: “What do you recommend?” And he was a mainstream kind of guy – he just says: “Oh whatever the doc… whatever my colleges in California are saying, you should probably just go with that.” And I was kind of… I said to myself oh, you probably haven’t done your homework. But for this one – for this one – do you know what he says?! He says: “This is experimental and I don’t recommend anybody take it until all the proof is in.” So this guy is a mainstream ‘pro-vax’ kind of guy, ‘listen to the experts’ but on this one he´s saying: HOLD ON.

Dr. Madej: Bravo to him for speaking up because that’s what a good scientist and a good doctor is supposed to do. You know, have the patients’ benefits. You know, benefits must outweigh the risks . And so far we are not seeing that at all. And I’d like to remind people that it´s not just genetic modification we´re dealing with. It´s that nanotechnology that lipid nanoparticle that they’re putting inside people. That’s brand new on the human race as well. We´re doing another new novel technology and it´s very concerning because we do know that there´s one ingredient called polyethylene glycol among others in the nano technology and it´s estimated up to 70% of Americans have some sort of an allergy to it. Well, an allergy could be fatigue or a rash or it could be something significant like anaphylactic shock which we´re seeing. We´re seeing a lot of that. People are dying or having to be resuscitated within minutes to hours of this injection. They´re not telling you on the mainstream media. That is to me like Russian roulette.
And the other thing is “informed consent”. We should always do informed consent even in an emergency situation. That´s by the Nuremberg Code from World War II so we don’t repeat the atrocities of that previous World War.
So, if we´re not doing informed consent we need to stop everything for the moratorium. I have never heard any of the patients yet say that they have been told that they´re a live experiment. I´ve never heard them say that there´s a risk of birth defects so that Pfizer at least has been admitting that – they shouldn´t have unprotected sex. None of them knew that. They didn’t know that about this allergy to polyethylene glycol. Are they allergic to – that this is a risk of an anaphylactic shock among other issues there. And polyethylene glycol – guess what – can cause blood clotting. So it could have an increased propensity to clot in your blood if you already have other risk factors. So, this is why we´re seeing an increase of cardiovascular events.

Dan: Now, you speak of dying after receiving the vaccine. You’re in Georgia so I’m sure everybody is familiar with the case of Hank Aaron, the famous home run slugger who died – what – 18 days after he received the vaccine? And this is happening a lot and you’re right, it’s not getting news, they couldn’t really escape that one though. And so, of course the answer is conveniently, well, comorbidities, right?! But the comorbidity thing was completely ignored by the people who are saying COVID deaths are comorbidities. Isn’t it convenient for them to use that in this situation but not for the other one?!

Dr. Madej: Well, there’s even a press release saying that we should expect… there is a press release saying we should expect that the people in the assisted living centers or nursing homes, that they could die quickly after receiving the vaccine, but don’t worry it´s not really from the vaccine, it´s just because they´re old. This was actually a public statement, given by one of the government officials. I was horrified to read this to…, and that people would fall for this. And people in hospice – hospice patients are getting the vaccine – they’re dying anyway. The excuse is that they don’t want them to spread it to others. Well, usually people in hospice are isolated anyway. This is terrible! I don’t understand this at all.

Dan: Well… I think it’s only understandable in the context of a larger more devious plan…

Dr. Madej: I agree with you.

Dan: … to get us all … I mean, even if you ask, say a super strong pro-vaxxer who is totally confident that the 7 o’clock news is giving them the straight scoop – if you ask someone: Okay, spell it out, how does it all end? I mean they cannot avoid the fact that this is going to lead to travel-passports and 24/7 tracking, monitoring, telling us where we can go, ‘show me your papers’ … etc., right?

Dr. Madej: Well, in Israel they already announced that those who do not get vaccinated can only go to the supermarket and pharmacy, they cannot do anything else. They can’t leave their home for any other reason.

Dan: Gosh.

Dr. Madej: I mean this is … it’s not just one country. People need to wake up and see how these restrictions are happening around the world and how they’re happening almost at the same rate, the same pace. And then, look, people need to stop getting into the fear, cause the fear is driving them to go along with these crazy demands and protocols that don’t make rational sense, scientifically, medically or just common sense, let’s put it that way.
And if they stopped and got out of the fear in sort of thinking about it, I think, quickly they’d see that this is nothing to do with a virus. This is nothing to do with that at all. There is a bigger agenda going on, a world-wide agenda and actually we have, you know, world leaders like Boris Johnson talking about it, saying that there is an agenda that we want to achieve by 2030. Ray Kurzweil, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, you see these other people in different fields, saying the same thing: The time line is 2030 for all of us around the world to be integrated in a transhumanist movement called – they called it ID2020 – they’re a little bit behind the time – but anyway, this is connecting us to the internet of everything. Meaning, we would be our own walking little cell phone. Like, we would go around and our bodies would communicate with any smart device around us. This is the real plan, everybody, wake up! If you start doing your due diligence you’ll see that this is really what it’s about – it’s about utilizing us as property, as chattel and we are not anything better than that in the eyes of certain people pushing the buttons. And what is crazy to me is that no one’s … there is nothing … no bloodshed over this, no one’s been pointing a gun to anyone’s head, they just tell them: put the mask on, put two on, put three on. You know, do these draconian measures. You can’t sing, you can’t dance, you can’t worship, you can’t pray, you can’t do these things. And people just do it. Without questioning it. And it goes against our human rights and our constitutional rights and we’re not making a peep about it for the most part.
I really… it’s upsetting to me how all the people, our ancestors, our forefathers have fought and died and went through terrible atrocities for our freedom. My God, World War 2 was just yesterday! Look at what happened. Look what happened around the world, we should never forget that. And here, we’re willingly just giving away these huge monumental freedoms and liberties that they died for, for us, and just letting it go without a conversation or a dialogue? I’m very upset by that.

Dan: Me too. And, … you’re talking about ramping up the fear, I think one thing that ramps up the fear is to put us in a state of bewilderment. And so, when we see something like … the governor of California having dinner with his friends at a restaurant or the health director in England walking to the park with no mask, enjoying the fresh air – first I … my first impression was, well, that’s bad optics for them, but I almost think that they’re shoving it in our face and … also these contradictory signals on what we’re supposed to do, ‘masks don’t work’, ‘yes, they work’, ‘one mask’, ‘no two, maybe three, two’ – and then – I mean Fauci came out a week after he said ‘put two on’ – and said ‘no, that’s not really necessary’ – and they gotta know (have to know) what they are doing! That guy has to have handlers telling him what to say.

Dr. Madej: Absolutely.

Dan: So I think the contradictory messages are part of the plan! – …to drive us nuts.

Dr. Madej: Anyone who wants to do their due diligence and read up on it, you’ll see – cognitive dissonance – you know, you say double speak, right? – you say one thing and do another. Say one thing, go against it even in the same day. And that’s a perfect way to really confuse the mentality of people. And… it’s better than just telling them one thing over and over. It’s better to say one thing, then do another and vice-versa, you know? People need to wake up. We are in a battle of our minds – to me World War 3 already has happened, it’s already occurring right now and it’s a battle of our minds. And we… it’s hard… it’s hard because we can’t really physically see it so much. But we have to wake up and see what’s really happening. To me it’s a battle of good and evil. There’s a small group of people that ultimately want to enslave us in a transhumanist way. To control us electronically or through AI. And to me there is no other answer and I’m listening to these world leaders, I’m listening for some common sense or rational sense for why we are doing what we are doing medically and scientifically. I’m not getting that but I am getting from them how they want us to be part of the transhumanist movement. And they may not use the word ‘transhumanist’ but they’ll use many other catchall phrases – ID2020 and ‘the New World Order’ or ‘the Great Reset’. They’re all saying the same things. So we need to wake up because in the past, people were enslaved physically. But this is different. We can be enslaved – to me – physically, mentally and spiritually – ultimately, if you’re looking at what they’re after, what they would like from us.

Dan: Yes, yes. Well, you’ve put that very well – Doctor Madej – how can people find out more about what you’re doing, access your work and where would you have people go to get the inside-skinny on this stuff?

Dr. Madej: Well, Danny, you know that everybody is being censored to the greatest amount right now. And it is a challenge. I’m still on Twitter at Dr. Madej – I still have a Facebook page ‘Carry Madej’ – and there is a hidden group called ‘serendipity group’ I have back-up website called All of us, it’s been a challenge though, trying to keep the information up but I’m resilient, I keep posting on different platforms, trying to get, you know, all this information out that’s being squelched and suppressed and all of us are going through it. And there are of course name … you know going after people saying they were anti-vaxxers – I’m not an anti-vaxxer – I’m just giving you information. And you should have information for your own inform and consent. “First, do no harm”, I pulled that oath.

Dan: Did you see… did you happen to read … Robert F. Kennedy Junior’s huge powerful exposé on Bill Gates from a couple of weeks ago?

Dr. Madej: I didn’t get to read that one, no.

Dan: It’s… it’s… it’s shocking. You’ll have to …

Dr. Madej: I’ll look that up.

Dan: Yeah, yeah, but he was just speaking of censorship – he was just knocked off of …what is it?

Dr. Madej: Instagram

Dan: Instagram …..

Dr. Madej: I think he and Del Bigtree were doing like an Instagram live video and then both were shut down – at the same time.

Dan: During a live video?

Dr. Madej: Ya, aha. They were both… their whole pages were erased. Big Brother watching you, right?

Dan: Gosh…

Dr. Madej: But, you know, it’s not all negative, I think we were talking a bit about that before – I wouldn’t be here speaking if I thought it was all negative and there is no hope. You know, it’s … when we are talking about fear, we all know that fear is a scare tactic that can work well because it keeps you at a lower energy. Cause we are energetic beings, we’re light beings actually. But if you scare us into a low energy you can’t fight it. You will just curl up into a little ball – just paralyzed. And you know love, the frequency of love does have an energy, too, and it’s the highest energy that we know of. There is something about it even scientifically. So, I get my inspiration from the bible. But I love science because it also proves a lot of what the bible is saying, too. It’s a higher frequency, love, so if we connect with each other and we don’t wear the mask, we are not dehumanizing ourselves and other people – we touch each other physically, we kiss because that increases your immune system. We know that. We sing, we dance, things that make us happy and joyful with love, that actually increases our energy. And it’s actually studied – the Heart Math Institute has studied our hearts because they are the strongest organ in our body. And the heart’s electromagnetic energy is 100.000 times more powerful than our brain. It’s amazing. And in an average human that energy goes out six feet – and a strong individual it goes out possibly miles, they think. That is amazing. What, if you got like a dozen people together that was really tapped into that heart energy, that love energy. Think about the changes that could happen. Because we can never fight these people in power on the sci-fi-nano technology level they are using. But that’s a low energy, a low frequency. I believe that we are made in the likeness of God, and that if we tap into that christ-light, spirit within us, in our hearts, and if we just can remember who we are, who we always have been and we get that spark lit and we help our brothers and sisters around the world, within a twinkling of an eye things will be better, things will change.

Dan: That is a good message of hope. I thank you for that. Can we do a quick little YNP10 here?

Dr. Madej: Yeah.

Dan: OK, good. I’m gonna ask you ten questions and you can say yes, no or you can pass and you can comment or not. So here we go:

Dr. Madej: Okay.

Dan: I’m gonna start with a soft ball, okay: I asked you five months ago if you’re gonna take the jab (injection) and you changed your mind.

Dr. Madej: No!

Dan: Right, are you even more resolute, or you were full resolute that time anyway?

Dr. Madej: I was fully resolute at that time, so the “No” is a strong “No” still.

Dan: Good. Do you believe, the shot that Biden got on National TV had a vaccine in it?

Dr. Madej: I … no … No, I say, No!
Yes, say no, pass on… I was trying to explain…

Dan: Ok, sure, you can answer however you want, really….
Should people who rushed the vaccine be held responsible for long term negative effects?

Dr. Madej: Yes, absolutely!

Dan: In the context of Covid, is there something wrong with letting children develop natural immunities?

Dr. Madej: There is nothing wrong with that, no!

Dan: And why hasn´t that been explored? Like right now. Why… it seems like there´s no interest in testing people to see if they have the antibodies, they just want to go straight to the vaccine. Is that strange?

Dr. Madej: Well, let me bring up the flu, okay, that´s the closest thing we can relate to this coronavirus. So, when you are exposed to the flu, you don´t have to be sick, you just have to be in the environment, out in the community. When you´re exposed, you actually have a lifelong immunity to that strain. Forever! Isn´t that amazing? Our bodies have lifelong immunity. But when you get the vaccine for the flu, at best if they happen to pick the right strain, it only lasts for about two months to three months of immunity. And then there is no more immunity! So you can still.. That´s why people say, they still get the flu, because the shot only lasts for a very short amount of time! You are never naturally immune when you get the vaccine. You don´t have long term immunity. You are much healthier and smarter … body when you do it naturally. I mean, my parents we had chicken pox parties, right? So they wanted all of us to get chicken pox at the same time, so we got more immune. But, you know, the chicken pox vaccine is a failure. People don´t realize that. See, kids actually still get the chicken pox, they look like bug bites. And now we are seeing children get shingles, which is a repercussion of the chicken pox, right? Elementary school children getting shingles! That was never heard of before with the natural immunity with the actually getting the chicken pox. Shingles is very dangerous! So, again you are seeing many examples of how the vaccine is much worse than if you are just exposed naturally in the environment.

Dan: Right, right. Next question. Is promoting the vaccine on children without long term studies irresponsible?

Dr. Madej: It´s criminal!

Dan: It is. Ehm… number six: Is Covid-19 essentially harmless for children? I´m talking about the zero to eighteen range. And we can even go with their figures!

Dr. Madej: Looking at all the data the CDC is giving us, it´s… they have the best immunity. Very, very little issues with that, much lower than the regular flu, much lower! And we didn’t shut down the world for the regular flu ever!

Dan: Right. So, negligible. Next: Have children been damaged, and I´m not even talking about the vaccine itself right now, just outside of that: Have children been damaged by the government response to Covid?

Dr. Madej: Of course they have been damaged! I mean, first of all their neural pathways are still being developed into their mid-twenties! And when we put this kind of fear, this panic, this could set a neural pathway that´s there forever in their brain! First of all. That´s one thing! Also the mask. We know after two hours of using them that the oxygen goes dangerously low. It´s terrible! It affects your concentration, your memory, your mood. Many things! We have actually seen children pass out from the masks. Also, social isolation, not getting the proper education, you can´t do proper education from just zoom-meetings, the lack of social development when they are together in groups. These are crucial milestones that we are supposed to meet for a human’s development. We have no idea the long term effects that will happen to the children around the world that are experiencing this.

Dan: Right. And you are talking about a physical thing but also the mental thing. Just, we don´t know what effect it has on a three-year-old to see everybody in their world with their faces covered 24/7.

Dr. Madej: Well, they are becoming fearful of other humans. I don´t wear a mask as much as possible, only very rarely. And I´ve seen parents, their children scream, uncontrolledly cry because I don´t have a mask on. They are that fearful, little tiny, under the age of five. They are that fearful, thinking I could hurt them just because I don’t have a mask on. And I`m six feet away from them!

Dan: And that´s the idea, isn´t it? That´s the plan. To get them like that. Next question. Should the people who pushed for and mandated the measures that have harmed children be held responsible for this harm?

Dr. Madej: It´s criminal. Crimes against humanity.

Dan: Well, number nine was: Do you have any good news for us? But I think, you already gave us some good news. So, number ten is a quick one. Can we win this fight?

Dr. Madej: Absolutely. We already know who wins in the end. Love and God and being good wins, right? We always triumph over evil. I just wish we wouldn´t wait till the eleventh hour to wake up.

Dan: Yeah. Eleven fifty-nine, right.

Dr. Madej: Yeah!

Dan: Well Doctor Madej, that was great. Thanks for showing up again and I wish you all the best in your fight. Please keep it up!

Dr. Madej: Yes, thank you Danny, it´s always a pleasure talking with you.

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