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Houses can be built for a Reasonable Price – If the profiteers are out of the equation:

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by Joe Patterson BRUI

The building industry in Ireland has left a trail of destruction in its wake over the last couple of decades. The fallout has affected the participants in very contrasting ways. At the bottom of the heap lies the most important cog in a successful construction chain. This is the subcontractors on whose back the boom was built, and to this present day, still continue to contribute most. Not having learned or want to learn from mistakes of the past has left us with the worst housing crisis in our lifetime. This crisis is easy to fix if the will exists.

The construction industry is mired in unnecessary bureaucracy feeding the greed of people not necessary to create a solution to the present problems. It’s time to put the building of houses in the hands of the people that know what they are doing and get rid of the quangos and so called developers and all other impediments to a solution to a worsening situation.

If these groups were taken out of the equation its quite simple to build a four bed semi-detached home on a site taken from the local authority land bank and build to a ready to move in condition for two hundred thousand euros.

Unfortunately local government are giving the building of houses to some of the largest building company’s in Ireland. These companies employ a minimum staff and use sub-contractors to do all the work and walk away with massive profits and the wheel goes round and round.


Joe Patterson – Business Retail Union of Ireland (BRUI)

May 2019

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