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Irish Fishermen launch campaign to raise public awareness of the plundering of our greatest natural resource

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by the The Fishing Daily – Ireland’s Solutions Resource.

  • Renegotiation of Common Fisheries Policy so that Ireland is allocated a fair share of fish quotas that reflect the contribution of our fishing grounds to the EU.
  • The Brexit TCA Agreement between EU and UK was both unfair and unjust and penalised Ireland’s fishing industry. This must be equal Burden Sharing throughout the Member States.
  • On Enforcement, we submit that Penalty Points for fisheries offences should only be applied to License Holders & Skippers following a Court Conviction.
  • The revoking of Ireland’s Fish Landing Control Plan by the EU Commission on the basis of unproven and unprosecuted allegations against the entire Irish Fishing Industry must not be allowed to destroy Ireland’s reputation in the production of Premium Quality Fish.
  • Traditional access to our fishing grounds at Rockall to be reinstated immediately.
  • The Migrant Workers Atypical Scheme governing non- EU/EEA Fishers must be reviewed to ensure a level playing-pitch for all those working in the Irish Fishing Industry & Agri-food sector.
  • Fishermen who spend in excess of 24 hours at sea must be granted equal rights with all seafarers, marine workers & Haulage Industry under our Revenue & Taxation Laws.
  • The Brexit Adjustment Reserve Fund – now known as the BAR Fund – of which €1.2 Billion is said to be available to Ireland, is used to redress the damage to the Irish Fishing Industry caused by the unfair loss of quota. A compensation package to be assessed and paid on the basis of the loss of earnings that will accrue from generation to generation and year after year into the future.
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The event as covered by
The event as covered by

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