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Leading Postmaster Resigned from IPU in 2016 because of their Silence on the Crises in the Post Office Network:

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The IPU has serious questions to answer. – Ireland’s Solutions Resource.

Leading Postmaster Resigned from I.P.U. because of their Silence on the Crises in the Post Office Network :

In 2016 Tom O’Callaghan a leading Postmaster based in Limerick and a long time campaigner for the Post Office Network, resigned from the Irish Postmasters Union, sighting various reasons at the time, including, “Their silence in the current crisis of An Post announcing the unviability of up to 700 offices” and “In particular the Executive signing a confidentiality pact with An Post which prevents the Executive of the I.P.U. from informing its own members of the extent of the current crises”.

Tom who is Leader of the Independent Postmasters Group, now believes that the IPU has the following serious questions to answer in relation to the Post Office Commercial Service Contract,

  1. Did the Senior Council mediator for the new proposed Commercial Contract review and sign off on the contract between An Post and Irish postmasters Union before sharing it with their members in early 2018?
  2. Did the Executive seek expert Legal advice in Contract Law and provide details in writing to their members, before recommending acceptance?
  3. Did the Executive seek expert financial advice on any implications for their members accepting goodwill sign-on fee and provide in writing for their consideration?
  4. A vote of acceptance was taken in May 2018, was this on the final draft Contract or a Template Contract.
  5. With reference to the Irish Post Masters independent Grant Thornton Report, did An Post part fund this?
  6. The Bank of Ireland Deal with An Post; can the Irish Postmaster Union shed light on any details, because Postmasters are in the dark.

Listen to Tom O’Callaghan’s Interview on The Hard Shoulder

“We are witnessing the gradual destruction of one of our national assets!”

Tom’s resignation letter;


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