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Mainstream media is ‘deliberately engaging in propaganda’ to control ‘the way you think’ – Undercover Reporter Exposé

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“Sky News host Cory Bernardi says “make no mistake”, the mainstream media is “deliberately engaging in propaganda” to change the way you think about politics, COVID-19, and climate change.

Sky News host Cory Bernardi

Mr Bernardi said slowly, most news and media outlets have “dumped the news” in favour of “pop culture reporting”, but some have sunk as low as “actually deceiving their viewers”.

Mr Bernardi said CNN only ran its COVID-19 “death clock” on screen while Donald Trump was president, and then was removed when Joe Biden became president.

“According to CNN, there is an art to manipulating the public. That means there is an art to manipulating you… because they want to change the world in their image.”

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