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Access to Justice in Ireland – The start of a long overdue discussion.

Pat Kenny [Newstalk Radio] interviewed Seamus Maye, Chair of the International Small Business Alliance on the issue of Access to Justice in Ireland.

Among the items covered were Contingency Fees, Representative Actions and Third Party Funding, none of which are currently available in Ireland.

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Prof. Richard Werner on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC): How They Prepare You To Be Their Slave

At the Amsterdam Science Summit 2022, professor and best-selling author and Banking Professor Richard Werner lectured the audience on the CBDCs and the 2030 Agenda.
Q&A and Interview afterwards.

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Peddlers of Environmental Doom Have Shown Their True Totalitarian Colours – Jordan Peterson

Globalist utopians demand that we fall in line with their “cure” for climate change. Dr Jordan B Peterson explains why the goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 is absolutely preposterous.

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UN, World Economic Forum Behind Global ‘War on Farmers’: Experts

If left unchecked, multiple experts said, the U.N.-backed sustainability policies on agriculture and food production would lead to economic devastation, shortages of critical goods, widespread famine, and a dramatic loss of individual freedoms.

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Cash Bans Coming to a Country Near You – Israel bans use of cash for purchases larger than 6,000 Israeli Shekels (c. €1,670)

Goldman also explained the downside of the law. “When the bill passed there were over a million citizens without bank accounts in Israel. The law would prevent them from conducting any business and would, practically, turn 10% of the population into criminals,” he said.

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World’s Largest Ponzi Scheme & Plan to Control The World’s Resources Utilizing ESG & the “Green” Agenda

ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) is one tactic being used to push the “green” agenda forward. While the notion of a pollution-free world is an attractive one, ultimately this isn’t about the environment — it’s all about creating a control system in which the world’s resources are owned by the richest of the rich, while the rest of the population can be controlled through the allocation of those resources, including energy.

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