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Preliminary Evidence from Initial Investigations of PCR Test Results using DNA Sequencing Casts Doubts on Covid-19 Case Numbers

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SARS-CoV2 or Influenza A & B?

James Corbett of the Corbett Report interviews Professor Dolores Cahill

Project to DNA Sequence PCR test results:

“This whole lockdown is based on positive PCR tests, but actually in the diagnostics world, in PCR, you would never diagnose with just a positive or negative, you have to actually sequence, what is the test measuring. 1,500 PCR tests were sequenced * in October 2020 and all of them were Influenza A & B, not one was SARS-CoV2. So the legislation of all the lockdown and the so-called pandemic and public health emergency is based on the causative agent of Covid-19 being a Corona virus. So what I am personally doing is going to sequence PCR from informed consent, form people in Ireland and the UK. If those sequences are not SARS-CoV2, which would be I think a biological impossibility in January 2021, that then we can say to the Governments and I am intending to take an injunction in Ireland to the High Court if the sequences come back as Influenza, that the Government cannot be reporting cases as Covid-19 or Corona Virus, they have to be influenza. And the medical doctors cannot be putting causes of death, because they are required to treat people based on whatever the causative agent is, and they can be struck off. But also they an be sued under medical negligence by people who have false diagnosis.” Professor Dolores Cahill.

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The Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance Project

The first half of the video covers ‘The Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance Project’ which seeks to create travel options that don’t require travelers to submit to vaccination, face masks or quarantines.

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James Corbett of the Corbett Report interviews Professor Dolores Cahill

* 1,500 PCR tests sequenced – October 2020

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