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The Dumbing Down of the World: John Taylor Gatto

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Education can either create adults, or manageable, perpetual children—the Establishment(s) went, of course, for the second. – Ireland’s Solutions Resource.

A Short Angry History of Modern Schooling by John Taylor Gatto:

This video and text below was posted on Youtube by ThinkFeelExist

John Taylor Gatto, who sadly is no longer among us, was one of the most prominent researchers of our time on the subject of education. He talked at length on how, from the 19th and early 20th centuries onward, and across the industrial powers, education was engineered, by the established interests in the status quo of such societies, to become a vehicle of social engineering and, indeed, of social control. Namely, to train people for conformity and adjustment to things as they are (i.e., to a fixed, pre-determined social order), and likewise to create citizens that would be amenable to the political state, and turn populations into labor forces that would be expedient to the established corporate and commercial state of affairs.

As such, the guiding principles of this were always to psychosocially engineer people so they would be made easily manageable, dumbed down and superficial, unimaginative, conformist and spiritless, indifferent and dehumanized, psychologically dependent on the social, highly suggestible, incapable of free thinking and original ideas.

This status quo-led transformation of education also meant to make impossible a generalization of liberal education—the kind of education that arose from the Renaissance, and gave you most brilliant minds in the last 300 years, the Founding Fathers of the United States included. A liberal education is mostly self-directed, by the individual, and it seeks to foster literacy, culture and wisdom—a part of this being general knowledge on most matters relating to life, Humanity and society. Its guiding principle is to cultivate independent, cultured and creative thinking, and to develop the mind and the individual for self-determination, independence, and service to life and human society.

Education can either create adults, or manageable, perpetual children—the Establishment(s) went, of course, for the second.

The concept of education as a tool for mass psychosocial engineering is now formalized as global policy under UNESCO’s “global education” directives and programs. Even though these directives and programs were defined by institutes and foundations across Europe, America, and the old Soviet bloc, two of the best introductory works to their general lines were published by UNESCO itself: the Parkyn Report of 1973 (“Towards a Conceptual Model of Life-Long Education”) and the Lengrand Report of 1975 (“An Introduction to Life-Long Education”).

Global education is the educational format for a corporate-driven, highly organized world society, where peoples and populations are turned into manageable human resource pools for the benefit of global governance, and of global corporate activity. It is lifelong, highly socialized, low literacy education for post-modern coolie labor.

Also read Charlotte Iserbyt’s “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, which is a brilliantly documented exposé on this subject, comprising hundreds of original documents and official statements right from the horse’s mouth: the records of big banking foundations, governments and UNESCO departments. Download Mrs. Iserbyt’s book, as well as other materials, on her websites:

And, you should also read the books by the first Director-General of UNESCO, eugenicist and Nazi-sympathizer Julian Huxley. He is quite clear in explaining to you the purpose of our current global educational system.

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The video and text above was posted on Youtube by ThinkFeelExist

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