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The ‘not so’ Secret Midwife, Has Her Say.

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When a midwife of many years’ experience faces a witch hunt as a result of whistle blowing, we begin to realise the enormity of the challenges we are facing.

By Séana Kerr


The – Ireland’s Solutions Resource.

Protecting the sanctity of human life is surely at the core of humanity, yet many seem to underestimate this fundamental aspect of our being.  How do we bring humanity forward to respect this very heartbeat of our existence? Our very future depends on how we protect our young at this most crucial juncture in time and space…

Many have extended their families during this time of great challenge, many more may be hoping to in the future. We are aware that many experiences could have been improved on, to say the least. Given the potential impact of experience on the journey to parenthood and birth (Gonzalez et Gonzalez, 2006), there remains no doubt that alternative options are essential as we move forward.

Undoubtedly, there is no more powerful connection than that between mother and child, impactful at any and every level (Kerr et al, 2017). However, that does not negate the need for protection of the father-child relationship, with copious evidence available acknowledging the vital role the father has to play in any parenting situation (Hall et al, 2014; Fuertes et al, 2016). Consequently, Families and Communities at large have an inherent duty to protect and promote these relationships, so that we may build firm foundations for future generations.

We can take this one step further, with raising Awareness that the ultimate relationship is of the three. Mother-Father-Child. A position both acknowledged and protected at a constitutional level (Ó’ Cearúil, M. 2000)

Pregnancy and the journey to parenthood in itself presents a teachable moment in time (Beebe et al, 2014); furthermore, an opportunity for growth at core family level and indeed the wider community.  We, as a people, surely also have a duty to protect the baby on this journey to birth, securing positive connections, even at a cellular level. Advocacy is a crucial aspect of this protective shield, with each of us having a role to play in the formation and foundation for the next generation.

‘No task too great or small’ (Sands, B. 1981).

The time has come for Solution Based Narratives.

Solutions going forward which keep at their centre these most fundamental stake holder groups will have cross community impact. All community impact. Family is the common thread we all share, whatever form it may take. We all have the tapestry of our ancestry running through our veins.

To appeal to the masses, we must present mass appeal. What is more appealing than building a brighter future for the next generation?

When we unite in consciousness, we can create the future we dream of. Together we can build new systems, where we teach and learn from each other.  Our future depends on how we navigate this storm. Provision of responsive and reactive platforms can eradicate the inequalities of hierarchical systems of the past, with solidarity of mind-set being the foundation stone on which these new systems are laid (Kerr, S. 2021).

Let us co-create our own vision for the Future, and for Family. 

When we come together at a conscious level, we can raise the vibration of a nation!

“Build it, and they will come”

Tá ár la anseo

Séana Ní Giolla Ceara

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