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The ‘Vote Freedom Project’ – A New UK Initiative to Take Back Political Control

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UK Column meets the Vote Freedom Project—Jonathan Tilt – 4th April 2023

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The Vote Freedom Project [] aims to use elections to provide meaningful resistance to agendas which seek to restrict freedom.

We support and encourage freedom campaigners to stand for election as independent candidates.

We believe that English law often ceases to be derived from the consent of the people and is instead derived solely from the command of the Party controlled Parliament via the Party Whip.  Political parties are too often swayed by lobbyists and conflict of interest.  We want to see parties and large scale funding removed from politics and towards Independent Democracy.

As a freedom project our political solutions need to align with the decentralised social and economic solutions we champion. A decentralised network of free independent candidates is a better vehicle for doing this than a highly centralised political party.

VFP encourages freedom campaigners to stand for election as independent candidates who are happy to agree to eight basic principles:

Eight basic principle:

1. Freedom of movement within a nation state with secure borders

2. Total bodily autonomy for all people: no medical discrimination or any other form of discrimination

3. Freedom of speech

4. Freedom of Information: scientific, medical and other research which is open, accessible and not corrupted by vested interests

5. Money that is protected from debasement

6. Truth, justice and upholding constitutional rights and freedoms

7. Localism not globalism

8. Government that is small, decentralised and genuinely accountable to the people

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