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Access to Justice in Ireland – The start of a long overdue discussion.

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Access to Justice – Pat Kenny Newstalk Radio, Interviews Seamus Maye – 15 DEC 2022: – Ireland’s Solutions Resource.

Listen to the 12 minute interview on the following link Access to Justice in Ireland – Newstalk

Pat Kenny [Newstalk Radio] interviewed Seamus Maye, Chair of the International Small Business Alliance on the issue of Access to Justice in Ireland.

Among the items covered were Contingency Fees, Representative Actions and Third Party Funding, none of which are currently available in Ireland.

Contingency fees are now outlawed under the Legal Services Regulations Act 2015 (Part 10, Chapter 3, Section 149 (1) and formerly under Section 68 of Solicitors (Amendment) Act 1994.

The arrival shortly of Representative Actions under EU Directive 2020/1828 will provide much needed justice, in the main to groups of consumers, once the Directive is transposed into Irish Law (this can prove particularly useful to victims of deleterious building materials, e.g. Pyrite, Pyrrhotite, Mica).

Third Party Funding is outlawed under the Maintenance and Embracery Act 1634. This Act was repealed in the UK in 1967 but remains on Irish Statute Books.

Seamus explained how ordinary citizens, farmers and SME’s are virtually precluded from obtaining justice by a combination of these barriers to justice and prohibitively high legal costs.

Thanks to Newstalk, this is a start of a long overdue discussion in Ireland on Access to Justice.

Seamus Maye is

Chair of International Small Business Alliance & Joint Chair of the Public Banking Forum of Ireland.


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