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How Corporate Greed Has Destroyed Democracy – Matt Kennard Investigative Journalist

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Matt Kennard is an investigative journalist and co-author of Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy with Claire Provost.

Interview by JOE Towers of PoliticsJOE – They discuss how supermassive corporations have taken up the mantle of colonialism and in doing so have worked to undermine democracy and sovereignty across the globe.

Interview by PoliticsJOE

Book: Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy

Editorial Reviews

“This wide-ranging inquiry-based on intensive on-the-ground investigation-unearths ‘a parallel world, outside of scrutiny…with very real consequences’. An ugly world, out of control, unaccountable, but with overwhelming power. It ranges from investor-state legal systems to intricate systems of corporate welfare that aid elites and investors. Always concealed in elaborate devices of seeming to do good. Silent Coup is a highly revealing exposé of the hidden real world.” ―Noam Chomsky

SIlent Coup opens a window onto multiple battlefields on which brave communities resist irresistible conglomerates world-wide. Because these momentous clashes remain under the radar of global public opinion, reading this book constitutes, in itself, an act of precious resistance.” ―Yanis Varoufakis

Silent Coup shows us how corporations have insulated themselves from democratic decision-making and stolen our collective power. Through impressive and important investigative journalism, the authors reveal how, why and where corporate power has hijacked democracy. We have to understand this world-spanning corporate power to build a global movement so powerful that we can take back our democracies and secure our collective future.” ―Jeremy Corbyn

Silent Coup is a ground-breaking piece of work. Through personal journeys and encounters, it reveals the truth about how little our votes mean when corporations and dirty dealers are pulling their corrupt strings in the background. This book needs to be read aloud. Silent Coup shows us where we’re heading to if we do nothing. This book is not about theories, it’s about reality. It’s what real investigative journalism should be about, but it’s written in a no nonsense, engaging, and accessible style. This is stuff we really need to know.” ―Benjamin Zephaniah

Silent Coup is investigative journalism at its best. It shows us how corporations rule the world: suing sovereign, democratic governments in invisible courts to erode constitutions and the democratic rights they enshrine-and writing laws and treaties to privatise the earth’s resources and public goods. Sovereign communities and countries are being displaced by sovereign companies and the supranational systems they have built to establish their control, creating in the process our age of corporate colonialism. The book is vital reading for all who care for human freedom, human rights and democracy.” ―Vandana Shiva

Silent Coup is an outstanding work of secrets revealed: all the more so for its classic eyewitness reporting. It shows that democracy’s true enemy is within, a dark alliance of rapacious capital and corrupt law. We have been warned.” ―John Pilger

Silent Coup is a crime story: a gripping description of the murky legal, and regulatory structures and policy changes that privilege big corporations. It’s a tragedy, outlining the terrible consequences for people and nature, for democracy and accountability. It’s a lesson in economics, providing fascinating and important insights into the functioning of global capitalism today. But finally it’s also a story of hope, about apparently powerless people resisting these trends in the struggle for better and more just futures. Don’t miss this.” ―Jayati Ghosh

“This brilliant book presents an entirely innovative framework to understand why the world looks like it does and not what it is. It explains why the media is largely ignoring the most important story of our generation. It explains how civic society around the world is being systematically dismantled by greedy corporations, governments, judicial bodies, and international institutions. It crackles by exposing hypocrisy at every level of officialdom. It demonstrates that voting in Western democracies is only the window dressing that hides power that few see with the naked eye but that this book reveals in startling and grotesque detail. If you read only one book this year, this should be it.” ―Steven Donziger

About the Author

Claire Provost is co-founder and codirector of the new non-profit Institute for Journalism and Social Change. She was previously Head of Global Investigations at the independent media outlet openDemocracy, a fellow at the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) in London, and a data journalist at the Guardian. This is her first book.

Matt Kennard is co-founder, and chief investigator, at Declassified UK, a news outlet investigating British foreign policy. He was a fellow and then director at the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) in London, UK. He has worked as a staff writer for the Financial Times in Washington, DC, New York, and London. He is the author of two acclaimed books: Irregular Army (2012) and The Racket (2015).

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