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People of Ireland; are you tired yet of the whipped Political Party System enslaving you and selling you and your children and the country out?
There are solutions!
Ireland and its People are Under Attack:

The compromised and dysfunctional whipped Party Political system has taken us here; puppets of greed, cronyism and secret powers, both Irish and international controlling our country. Couple this with the agendas of the UN, EU, ECB and the WEF; any semblance of sovereignty would seem lost. Wholesale mismanagement and waste of taxpayers’ money by Government, Councils and quangos is now the norm. Zero accountability for the culprits, as they are promoted or retire on large pensions, leaving the taxpayers and the productive economy paying for their misdeeds.

Is this the future you want to live in, and is it what you want to leave to your children?

Bailing out the Banks’ Bondholders in 2008 destroyed the country, while as far back as 2001 the Central Bank knew that under flawed IAS 39 Standard the banks could conceal their losses, and knew in 2005 that the banks were quickly becoming insolvent,1 but still allowed them to increase credit for a property bubble, at up to 30% per annum. The Central Bank and ECB knew the crash was inevitable; in fact, they facilitated it – no other outcome was possible. The bank auditors are also culpable and are possibly liable.

Thousands of businesses were wiped out while the banks sold their properties to their cronies, and they put thousands out of their homes. The banks got bailed out, the people and businesses got sold out by those same political parties. Yet another generation of Ireland’s best and brightest young were forced to emigrate.

Housing, rented accommodation & homelessness crises: We now have a serious housing, rented accommodation and homelessness crises resulting from self-serving, captured and incompetent politicians and political parties that have controlled Government for decades. Ample and affordable housing and rented accommodation is possible, but there has to be radical changes in Government, Government policy on Real Estate Investment Trusts (Banned from buying homes in Germany since 2007), Vulture Funds, Councils, the construction industry, the quangos controlling services, and of course the banking system.

The Government backed CETA (EU-Canada) trade deal, complete with its own corporate courts, i.e. the Investment Court System (ICS),2 which is a re-branded version of the highly contentious Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system, which solely benefits multinational corporations must be stopped.

We are already paying for water; “At the moment Irish taxpayers are paying about 1.2 billion Euros for the cost of water, water is not free at the moment.” Simon Coveney, 2014.3

What sort of future have you to look forward to, at the hands of these same puppets? Ireland was in stringent lockdown for over a year, while our neighbours in Sweden had no lockdowns yet fared better, and incurred no huge debt.4 Never before in history have healthy people been locked down; it was regarded as unsafe to enter your local shop or business with a few people – but it was safe to be in a multinational supermarket with hundreds.

Cases, cases, and more cases based on a very dubious PCR test often run at excessive cycle rates, resulting in countless false positives in non-infectious people.5 Rampant fear-mongering and terrorizing of the people by the national broadcaster RTE, and our captured Government puppets. This has resulted in billions more in debt being heaped on the backs of the Irish people.

EU Digital Green Pass: All but two of our MEPs voted for the EU Digital Green Pass,6 the name is deceptive, as is the purpose; it will be used to coerce people into vaccination, with a credit score system as in China, possibly added to it later.

Political Parties are Paid by the State (tax-payers) to Canvass the tax-payers to Vote for Them.

Taxpayer/State Funding of Political Parties in 2017. • FF €5.6 million • FG €4.7 million • Sinn Féin €3.4 million (26 County Report) • Labour party €1.6 million • Solidarity/People Before Profit c. €900,000 • The Social Democrats €600,000+ • The Green Party €530,000. Data from IrishTimes.com7 article, Oct 2018, by Pat Leahy. There’s also the Issue that the political parties of Government have virtually unlimited access to the State Broadcaster, RTE.

It is time for change, but you will have to help make it happen by being one of the new breed of independent candidates, or their supporter and helper. People of all ages in Ireland – you have to take responsibility for your own, and your country’s future. Don’t leave it to the corruption of the past; we simply cannot allow the farce to continue.

The opportunity will present itself at the next elections – we must be ready.

Please read the list of principles below, if they resonate with you, consider becoming a candidate in the next election or nominate a candidate from your community.

It’s a job with a salary of €100,191 p.a. + Allowances & Expenses – Consider the calibre of the people who are there, and their allegiance to their party, to the EU or to corporate interests, rather than to the people who voted for them and the country – there’s no doubt more ethical and capable community representatives are available to be nominated and elected.

Politicians & a Political System that Work for You, your Community & the Country:

  1. A Dáil made up of TD’s upholding the Constitution and representing their constituents, and not a Dáil whipped by political parties or controlled by external powers.
  2. Accountability and liability for actions in Public Office and Public Service.
  3. The Taoiseach to be directly elected by the people and accountable to the people.
  4. Two community-nominated candidates to contest every Dáil seat in General Elections.
  5. State funding of political parties to be stopped. Funds to be used to facilitate the nomination of the best community candidates in every constituency. Every candidate, party and independent to receive the same basic support from the State, i.e. a flyer delivered to every door in their constituency, and nothing more. No preferential treatment given to party candidates in funding or in access to time on the State Broadcaster RTE.
  6. The Public to elect County & City Council Managers and Judges – Ending appointments by political parties.
  7. Every elected TD and Senator required to meet in public with constituents, in an organized setting, at least eight times per annum and a mechanism in place for the public to propose motions for debate and action.
  8. Those bound by oaths to any organisation to be prohibited from participating in elections, being elected to, or holding a seat in the Dáil, Seanad or any public office. All oaths taken by candidates, politicians and all public officials to be publicly declared.
  9. A Comprehensive Community-Public Banking System to be established nationwide over the next 5 years, to support our indigenous economy and provide safety for deposits.8 This also returns control of the credit of the nation to the people. Public banks can lend for Public Projects, ending the extortion by Public Private Partnerships & their unending debt burden on the public. A major expansion of the Credit Union’s role in serving their members and of the Post Office network in serving the public. Retention of physical cash in society.
  10. Prioritize support for the local indigenous economy; i.e. rural and urban local businesses and local enterprise, creating jobs locally 9 and an environment that supports the return home of our emigrants.
  11. A radical review of the Health, Education and Legal/Judicial systems, covering their fitness-for-purpose, motives, agenda, direction and results produced. Regarding the Legal/Judicial system; issues such as restricted access, delayed access and excessive costs in accessing justice for the public need to be addressed. Also needed is the introduction of Collective Redress lawsuits, the development of a Restorative Justice system and the enforcement of the UN Bangalore Principles for ethical conduct of Judges,10 of Independence, Impartiality, Integrity, Propriety, Equality, Competence and Diligence.
  12. A full review of RTE, the ‘Public Broadcaster’: its Public Mandate, policies, control, independence from Government and service to the public.
  13. A review of the EU, ECB, UN and the WHO and their influence and control of the country. The ECB & CBoI oversaw the property bubble and forced the bank bailout. EU countries are taking c. €5.5bn per annum in terms of wealth, from Irish waters.11 We’re importing farm produce, while Irish farmers are subsidized not to farm. Other farmers, even of medium sized farms, cannot earn an average wage and are being driven off the land by unfair trading conditions, to be replaced by fewer, bigger, more intensive farms, and factory farms, as per the EU model. Ireland should be fully self-sufficient in safe and healthy non GMO food. We need to also harness the huge potential of industrial hemp.
  14. Regulate WiFi as per EU Resolution 181512 in schools and public places. Deploy nationwide, a safe, wired Very High Capacity Networks (VHCN) in accordance with European Electronic Communications Code (EECC).
  15. As per our Constitution, ‘the family is the natural primary and fundamental unit group of society, and as a moral institution possessing inalienableand imprescriptible rights, antecedent and superior to all positive law’.13 This necessitates public oversight of, and investigation into Tusla and its associates, to ensure this principle adhered to. recommends psychological support and the development of adoption services to best-practice-standards as a real option for crisis pregnancies.
  16. totally rejects the introduction of any form of travel, covid, medical or green pass, forced or compulsory medical intervention on adults or children, or any such infringement to our freedoms and basic rights. There is no immunity from prosecution for big pharma or those complicit in the ‘intentional’ infliction of harm.
  17. Reinstate revised versions of Articles 47 & 48 of the 1922 Constitution. Citizen Initiatives; a constitutional process whereby national petitions can veto legislation and initiate new legislation.
  18. The primary tenet of all law, ‘harm no other or their property’ applies, as a requirement for all interaction between people, between the State or State agencies and people, and between Corporations and people.
  19. We call for full, open and informed debate on all subjects in public forums, with no subject off limits.

National Advisory Committees:

We invite people to join and develop the Committees listed below, with a view to further developing policy.

People’s Cabinet for Reform:

Election Candidates are invited to participate in these committees and bring expertise, or gain expertise across a broad range of issues, with a view to introducing policy when elected. Candidates will be briefed in all areas of interest to them.

  1. Government & Council Waste & Corruption.
  2. Banking, Finance & the Indigenous Economy.
  3. Housing & Reform of the Construction Industry.
  4. Reform of the Political & Electoral Systems.
  5. Judicial System & Access to Justice.
  6. Safe Communication Technology.
  7. Education & Apprenticeships.
  8. Broadcasting & Media.
  9. Sovereignty – External Agendas – Foreign Trade, EU, UN, WEF, PESCO, CETA etc.
  10. Public Bodies Oversight.
  11. Healthcare, Food, Water Fluoridation & Wellness Systems.
  12. Farming & Industrial Hemp.
  13. Fishing & Seaweed Industry.
  14. Energy, Environment & Pollution.

The transition needed will only happen if it is community driven. We appeal to people from all over Ireland to get involved at a community and county level and contribute to bringing about the change that is desperately needed.

Summary: Launches a Resource Hub for Independent Election Candidates – May 2021

  1. will be a Resource Hub for Independent Candidates for forthcoming elections.
  2. presents 19 principles by which real positive and constructive change is to be brought about, for the benefit of all the people. (See above.)
  3. appeals to the people of every County/Constituency in Ireland to establish committees and methods to nominate and support Independent Community Candidates for every Dáil and Council position in future elections.
  4. Candidates to run as Independents, with the knowledge support of Advisory Committees.
  5. The County Committees will work with the Central Committees to develop proposals/solutions as to how exactly these changes can be brought about.

To this end, is inviting election candidates, advisory committee members, supporters and helpers to come forward and organise in every community and county.

For all correspondence on the above, please e-mail the Independent Candidates Resource Hub, ‘Inde-Hub’ at

By May 2021 Website:


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