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25 Peer Reviewed References Stating that DNA Vaccines Have the Potential to Cause Mutations and or Cancer.

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by Dr. Marcus De Brun – Ireland’s Solutions Resource:

The following was posted by Dr. Marcus De Brun on twitter this morning (5-4-21).

Of the 4 Genetic Vaccines currently available, 2 are RNA based (Pfizer/Moderna), & 2 are DNA based (AstraZen/J&J). Here’s what non-bias (pre-covid) Science, states about the disadvantages of DNA Vaccines:

Germs. 2013 Mar; 3(1): 26–35.

Twenty five peer reviewed references stating that DNA vaccines have the potential to cause mutations and or cancer.

They must all have been written by right wing anti-vax fanatics.

Covid infection comes with NO hitherto recognized risk of Cancer or Mutation. Vaccination with a DNA Vaccine comes with a well recognized risk of Cancer and mutation.

AND young healthy non vulnerable people are presently queuing, and rolling their sleeves up?

Beyond surreal!

Dr. Marcus De Brun GP/Microbiologist/Philosopher/Parent. Posts are my own views & do not reflect the Medical Profession.

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