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by Joe Patterson BRUI – June 1st 2020

As we contemplate a return to as near normal as possible we see the usual suspects coming out of their well feathered nests with the usual mix of half-truths and political nonsense. It looks as though we may have the two worst ministers of health in the history of the state sharing power in a government we didn’t vote for or don’t want unless we can all get jobs in the public sector.

Having attempted to cover up the scale of waste and inefficiency’s in the HSE they got a reprieve through the coronavirus. During this period, they attempted to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Unfortunately, the trolley crisis and the million or so people waiting for treatment has probably doubled.

The divide we mentioned in a previous article between the private and public sector became more apparent on yesterday’s evening news. In pre-government forming rhetoric Donohue released a beauty in which it became apparent that the public sector will be getting their rise and the age limit for the old age pension is to be raised to help fund the cost of the coronavirus.

When we must listen to this nonsense, it’s time to think of an alternative Ireland and a suitable punishment for the people responsible for the ruination of our country over the last couple of decades. The have ruined working class Ireland through austerity while they protected and rewarded themselves both in government and opposition. They were aided and abetted by highly paid civil servants to suppress any group or individual that dared to question them. This has resulted in a free hand for insolvent banks to prosper a state-run media to be bailed out on a regular basis and a legal system to have gone rogue.

The sad part of all this is that it is the productive economy that will once again be expected to fund this debacle. Workers, small business and all other members of the productive economy were just coming out of a decade of hardship to once again be faced with another bailout of a non-productive public sector.

Well Mr. Donohue as the saying goes. Fool me once shame on you – fool me twice shame on me.

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