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Regenerative Agriculture – Hope for Farmers, Our Food, Our Health & Our Environment:

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Regenerative Agriculture – Hope for Farmers, Our Food, Our Health & Our Environment: – Ireland’s Solution Resource.

A Path to Soil Health & Food Independence.

Accelerating the universal adoption of regenerative agriculture that cultivates soil, human, and planet health for all.


We are a coalition of farmers, educators, doctors, scientists, and business leaders aiming to expose the human and environmental impacts of chemical farming and offer a path forward through regenerative agricultural practices.

Watch the 20-minute Film in High Quality on the Farmers’s Footprint Website
Watch the 20-minute Film in High Quality here on Vimeo – Farmer’s Footprint | Regeneration : The Beginning
Dr. Zach Bush MD Cancer Maps and Glyphosate
Field Notes
Farmer’s Addiction – Dr. Allen Williams – Farmer’s Footprint Behind the Scenes


Regenerative Farming Ireland

Regenerative Farming Ireland The Regenerative Farming Ireland Facebook Group is an online group of like-minded individuals. Its members are active and prospective, ecologically-aware, progressive farmers and artisan food producers, policy advocates and academics who champion an alternative approach to farming and food more in tune with ecosystems. Visit their fb Page

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AgriLand Team Oct 30, 2019, 12:00pm

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BioFarm 2019: Regenerative agriculture and a new vision on what Irish farming can be

National Organic Training Skillnet

National Organic Training Skillnet (NOTS) provide high-quality, low-cost, part-funded training for the organic and agri-food sectors throughout the Republic of Ireland.

National Organic Training Skillnet Website

Who We Are
Our main objective is to conserve Ireland’s very special and threatened plant genetic resources. Our work focuses on the preservation of heirloom and heritage food crop varieties that are suitable for Ireland’s unique growing conditions.

Irish Seed Savers Association maintains the country’s public seed bank with over 600 non-commercially available varieties of seed. We conserve and grow heritage apple trees and other fruit tree varieties. We run workshops throughout the year on various topics to help inform and teach others how to save seeds and grow their own food and be self-sustainable and to help encourage greater food security for future generations. We Grow, Preserve, Conserve and Share both our seeds, our knowledge and our love for the land. You can find information on our workshops and how to follow us throughout our website.
Irish Seed Savers Website

Tomatoes, carrots & white radish.

Make a Start!

Check out your local Farmers Market. They usually sell lots of organic produce.

Many local Fruit & Veg shops have locally grown produce.

Eat healthier & support your local economy in the process.

Midleton Farmers Market.

U.S. data from the Farmer’s Footprint Film.

German pharmaceutical giant Bayer who bought Monsanto for $62.5 billion (2018), is, as of July 2019 facing 18,400 US lawsuit cases over glyphosate: In April 2019, the number of cases stood at 13,400.

Bayer facing 18,400 US cases over glyphosate

Bayer wins EU approval for $62.5 billion Monsanto buy

Controversial Roundup weedkiller linked to cancer being used in Ireland’s parks, gardens and playgrounds IrishMirror
Fairview Park, Dublin

Figures show three and a half tonnes of the controversial Roundup weedkiller were used in one area in the space of one year.

The overall amount of Roundup weedkiller used in 2015 (by Dublin city Council) was 3,458 litres, which amounts to three and a half tonnes.

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