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World Economic Forums “Invest in Forests” Exposed as Global Surveillance Grid

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Millions for planting trees, BUT Billions going to the Surveillance Grid, including satellite’s.

by Christian, the ‘Ice Age Farmer’ on Youtube.

“The World Economic Forum’s “Investing in Forests” program sounds great – who doesn’t want to plant more trees? But behind its philanthropic appeal lies a global surveillance grid, monitoring all activity on the planet — just as prescribed by Agenda 21/2030 and their 4th Industrial Revolution. Christian shares an unreleased document and reveals the truth in this special Ice Age Farmer broadcast.” Christian ‘Ice Age Farmer’ on Youtube.

WEF’s “Invest in Forests” Exposed: Global Surveillance Grid


You can also Download Video Audio in mp3 format from SHOW NOTES Page.

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We Know ‘Industrial’ Hemp is the Real Solution

Grow up to 4 crops in one season, in a suitable climate.

Replace all oil based plastics with Biodegradable hemp plastic. (An oil based plastic water takes c. 400 years to degrade.)

A massive opportunity for farmers to become productive & sustainable.

Pulp for Paper Production: For the same amount of Pulp;

Wood; 4 Acres & 20 years = Hemp; 1 Acre & 3 months.

Industrial Hemp Bill Nearing Legalization in Pennsylvania

Hemp holds the key to a sustainable future | Amy Ansel | TEDxSeattle

Hemp holds the key to a sustainable future | Amy Ansel | TEDxSeattle


WEF & UN Agenda 21/2030 is Not about Solutions, It’s about Control.

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