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Ireland – Changes We Have to Make

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We are a dedicated group of people working in the background for several years to bring solutions to Government on Banking, Construction, waste in the Public Sector, corruption, and exposing the massive divide between the private and public sectors. Unfortunately, all this vital information has fallen on deaf ears and is only used when beneficial to their own political agendas.

Petition Stop Wasting Taxpayers Money!

The public sector is funded by the private sector; there is little or no accountability, or transparency as to where our taxes are spent and squandered. The vast majority of the money is taken out of a struggling private sector that despite working at one hundred percent efficiency cannot continue to survive and support a public sector rife with corruption and a sense of entitlement and is looked on by Government as the answer to all our problems, where as in reality they are in fact the cause and the overseers.

The construction industry, as in the people actually building the houses, is on its knees because of lack of knowledge in government and their advisers, or they are simply turning a blind eye to a system they know to be a farce. Ministers with no knowledge of the industry appear to participate in a revolving door system where they stay in place until they are found out and hand the baton to the next gombeen. The government appears to blame everyone else for this debacle, while in fact it costs between eighty and ninety thousand euros per three bed semi-detached to feed the quangos that they have created before a block is laid on a building site. The main beneficiaries from the construction industry have probably never stood on a building site.

The insolvent ‘pillar’ banking duopoly system in Ireland with their corporate infested boards essentially control the economy via their control of the credit of the nation – controlling who gets credit, the purpose for which it can be used and the interest rate charged. They are boom-bust merchants, which always results in a transfer of wealth and assets away from the people. This corrupt system has ruined the lives of a large percentage of our population with no consequences or sanctions for the perpetrators, as it is all overseen by asleep and complicit regulators; couple this with our lawless court/judicial system that is essentially a puppet of the banks. Our savings/deposits are not safe in these ‘pillars’; they must be replaced with an ethical, safe, solvent community-public banking system as in Germany, where over 70% of their banking is of this type.

These are just three of many problems we must overcome if we are ever to recover from the decades of corruption, incompetence and greed in a political system that has its many tentacles in the cookie jar. Many more issues are addressed on the Inde-Hub page of our website; these are also being pursued.

We are at present appointing committees made up of people that are experienced in all these areas and have no agenda only to stop the rot and never let it happen again while exposing those responsible and holding them accountable.

On our journey over the last few years we have met many wonderful individuals and groups with similar goals and beliefs that are now getting their message heard and continue to grow. This is a war that will be fought on many fronts and can only be won by all playing their part in different ways and marching from different directions in a common goal where what has been done to our beloved country is never allowed to happen again.

We hope to grow a mass movement of independent people sharing our ideas and goals for a better future for all where we take back our identity and prevent the loss of a freedom hard won by the men and women who fought and died to ensure we were free.

Our ideas are quite simple and are the topic of daily conversation in every home in Ireland and we now feel the time for talking is over.

We want people from every village, town, and county in Ireland to come on board to change the political system for ever, to ensure everyone that wants to work, live and own a home can do so.

We will first be producing a paper on the housing crisis explaining where it all went wrong and how the wrong and unnecessary participants have left us with a massive mortgages crisis which can never be paid.

We will then continue to expose government failures and at the same time offering solutions.

By – Ireland’s Solutions Resource.


You can support the exposé of, and the enquiry into the construction industry by joining and supporting the BRUI (Business Retail Union of Ireland), who have been exposing problems this industry for years.

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