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Letter to DPP on the Dangers of Fluenz Tetra nasal flu Vaccine for Children + Questions for Parents.

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Four basic questions for every parent

Before any parent allows the state to administer this product, they should ask themselves the following four questions:
(a) What benefit can I expect my child to receive from this product?
(b) What risks arise from taking a genetically modified vaccine containing four live attenuated viruses?
(c) Can I afford to ignore the many known cases of serious injury caused by childhood vaccines?
(d) Can I trust the information supplied by an industry which will not accept any legal liability for its products?
If the benefits expected at (a) above do not vastly exceed the risks arising from (b), (c) and (d), then it would be morally wrong and grossly unjust for any parent to require their son or daughter to receive this product.

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