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Science Whistle-blowers Kevin McKernan & Bobby Malhotra EXPLAIN WHY COVID PCR TESTS ARE “GARBAGE”

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Dr Naomi Wolf Interviews 2 Science Whistle-blowers Kevin McKernan directed a research lab at MIT for many years and has 25 years experience working with PCR tests, Bobby Malhotra was on the Austrian COVID task force. | Jan 19, 2021 – Ireland’s Solutions Resource.

In this interview, which took place at the PCR test lab in Medicinal Genomics in Beverly, MA, where McKernan is Chief Strategy Officer, the two scientists explain exactly why PCR tests are unfit for use in any way in accurately diagnosing COVID infections.
They point out that the test cycles are set at 40-45 often — a setting that, as the WHO admitted on Jan 13, 2021, ensures false positives at scale.

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