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Access to Justice in Ireland – A Minefield to the Unattainable

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By the Editor at ThePlatform – Ireland’s Solutions Resource.


The above was originally posted in the PhoenixMag

Seamus F. Maye

  • Chair: International Small Business Alliance (ISBA)
  • Joint Chair: Public Banking Forum of Ireland (PBFI)
  • TED TALK: Speaker
Ireland – A Democracy or Corpocracy?

Seamus Maye describes how cartels and corpocracy put him out of business but he’s fighting back and proposes a better way of supporting small to medium indigenous companies to create a more prosperous secure economy – if only the government would remove the barriers.

Seamus Maye is founder of International Small Business Alliance, Joint Chair of the Public Banking Forum of Ireland and a long-time member of Transparency International Ireland. Seamus Maye is highly respected for his work in competition law, banking and white-collar crime. He has addressed international audiences and both Irish government and E.U. committees.

Seamus proposes an urgent need for a new banking system in Ireland that serves the public interest, inspired by the German Sparkasse model that involves a network of regional public banks combined with credit unions and post offices.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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